We’re hiring !...well, not really

We don't hire. We collaborate.

Looking for part-time and full-time freelancers,

either individual experts or crowds of experts*

*crowd of experts ... MavenCrowd, get it?


If you are a part-time or full-time freelancer, stuck at home or maybe at a coworking space, and you would like to be part of a team, then drop us a line; we would be more than happy for you to join our team. You would still work from home at your own pace and handle your own schedule, but you would be part of something bigger. More work, more relations or more contacts are always welcome.

Once your role and responsibilities are defined within our team, we will let you handle the workload however best suits your needs, time and pace, as long as the outcomes are up to par and delivered on schedule. We are also open to suggestions from you as we might learn new things from each other along the way.


We believe that partnerships with other companies benefit all the parties involved, especially if they complement each other. So, if you are a small indie game studio or a large web or mobile development company, we would love to hear your story. We can put our resources together and create something bigger and better than we could have done separately.

Your clients and ours will benefit from our joint ventures. Due to our "one-stop-shop" business structure, they will no longer need to find multiple specialized individuals or businesses to cover all their needs. We will be there for them to handle everything, starting from the initial idea and ending with the final deployment and, possibly, going even beyond that.


We are always open!

Continuously on the lookout for anybody, anywhere, anytime.
Your location does not matter, neither does the fact that you might not be familiar with a lot of technologies;
we only care about the one you are a maven at.
We also do not care if you do not have 10 years of experience; we only care if you are passionate and dedicated.

Some generic things we are interested in (but not limited to!):



Let us know what you are good at!


Thank you for contacting us!